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Our Vision

All youth should have the right to define and achieve their own success with the support of their families and communities; parents must also be aided and encouraged to help guide their child’s ambitions since they play a crucial role in their development.

Our Mission

Inspire Aspire Youth Program empowers youth to obtain a post-secondary education.

Our Values

Equality: We believe that every person has unique strengths, the ability to overcome obstacles, and the potential to achieve lifelong success.

Relationships: We understand that nurturing relationships are a vital part of every person’s success. Parents and mentors can have a profound impact by improving their connections with their children and youth in their communities.

Transformation: We believe that all people have the responsibility to contribute to a better world by transforming themselves, their family, and their community.

Integrity: We are accountable of the people and partners we humbly serve, and we share our results and stories with transparency.

Constant improvement: We are always open to criticism and continuously evaluate the impact of our work to ensure we are doing our best for the families we serve.