Financial Accountability

We pledge to uphold our fundamental principles of integrity and responsibility, and to make excellent use of the resources made available to us. We value and respect the trust that donors place in our organization when they choose to make a contribution, and seek to fulfill that trust by using our resources efficiently and effectively.

 We are endlessly grateful for the financial resources provided to us by charitable donors, and we always remain open and transparent about our financial decisions and practices.


Responsibility and accountability

A board of directors helps us to guarantee that our financial practices remain ethical, practical and efficient. The board oversees all aspects of our operations, sets our budget and financial goals, gathers progress reports to track the activity of our organization, and establishes organizational policies and procedures.

tax deductible

All contributions that Share Your Love receives are considered tax deductible donations.

fundamental and integral

Share Your Love deeply believes in the integrity of our organization. That’s why we consider financial accountability and transparency a baseline requirement for organization in order to maintain ethical and sound practices in our endeavors to improve the lives of families in Brazil and the U.S.